Shaped by our People

The Operation and Ideation team is key to building, testing, and validating our ideas. They are always searching for gaps in the market with our global ecosystem of clients, design partners, investors, etc.
The design and Product team is a creative bunch who work across our entire portfolio to create the best product possible. Creating brand identities, developing websites, shooting, editing, and producing video content, helping to turn our products into companies.
The Engineering and Tech team builds, maintains, and adapts our applications and programs. These specialists are passionate about programming and have been developing software worldwide for many years.
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With extensive experience in large enterprises, the G&A team possesses valuable insights into company finances, operating across the entire SOTERiO portfolio to enhance growth and increase the likelihood of success.
The Investments and Venture team are strategic specialists who help our co-founders through the most critical early stages of forming, funding, and growing their products. This experienced team is also responsible for managing the Studios ventures, helping decide which ideas to invest in.
The scale and regions team possesses extensive expertise in establishing and introducing B2B and B2G enterprises across the globe. This crucial team plays a pivotal role in transforming our concepts into fully-fledged companies.

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